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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – The Future Is Now!

Ghost Recon has been absent from the video game world for awhile now. It has been 5 years since we’ve seen an updated incarnation of UbiSoft’s premiere 3rd person squad based war shooter. Originally, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was slated to come out way back in 2010. But after a two year delay, was the wait worth it? Let’s break it down…


ghost recon future soldier screenshotTHE CAMPAIGN
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier boasts the best campaign of its franchise history. The wow factor of the game succeeded in the storyline and your AI squad. Your squad is very much on point. Whether you were issuing commands or they were acting on their own, it all feels natural. Most often than not, you won’t be bogged down with babysitting your battalion because they do their job and they do it well. The story takes you all over the world and you have a vast arsenal of weapons and technology at your disposal to get the job done. I especially enjoyed using air drones to “sniff” out my targets and of course, optical camouflage, which keeps you hidden from plain sight when you’re not mobile. The campaign is by no means a short one. It took about 30 hours to beat it… yeah, no small feat. And now let’s talk about…


ghost recon future soldier 2You say you want a challenge (but you don’t want to deal with video jock soldiers in multiplayer)? Guerrilla Mode is what you should be playing. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s Guerrilla mode features waves of enemies on the attack against you and your squad (either human or computer) on various maps that are specific to the mode. Don’t worry, the enemy soldiers will provide you a duly challenge. They will search for you. They will find you. They will strategically move in on you. And they will kill you. Once you feel badboned enough to take on a greater challenge, there is…


ghost recon future soldier screenshot3MULTIPLAYER
One thing everyone can agree on is that if your multiplayer engine is on the sucky side, the bullet will only travel so far with gamers (ask the guys who developed “Rage”).  The one thing you can count on from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a very intense online multiplayer experience.  Communication with squad mates is a must in this game, because if you don’t do this effectively, it could mean the demise of you and your whole team.  The one great thing that sets this game apart from other shooters is the gun customization.  You do this in a mode called “gunsmith”.  In this mode, you can customize everything from optics, trigger, magazine, under barrel, gas system, side rail, muzzle and stock. Yeah, it gets deep. You can literally pull apart the gun, break it down to the trigger… insane!  As for the game play, it is very challenging and the play mechanics set up makes it so you have to stay mobile (so if you like camping, go to the lake!), because if you don’t, you could get flanked and filleted!


Kinect shows promise with weapon customization both in motion and in voice command.  I will say that if you do use the Kinect to play Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it does offer some freedoms in voice command so that your hands are free to control what you need to onscreen.

So is the game worth the wait?  Oh yeah!  Is it one of the best shooter experiences for the XBox 360?  It comes pretty darn close.  If your calloused with Call of Duty or burned out on Battlefield, maybe a step into the combat zone of a future soldier today is not a bad idea.

-Written by Eric L. Jackson/Edited by Bruce “Agent 85” Bowers

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