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Name: Master DJ Tony Soul
City: San Francisco, Ca
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Master DJ Tony Soul touring the world with house music

by Dante Scott
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Tony Soul A True International DJ

Taipei, Amsterdam, Geneva, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, London, Munich, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Paris are just a few of the cities Master DJ Tony Soul has spun in. With a resume like that can anyone doubt that Tony Soul is an international DJ? Not content with only DJing in his hometown of San Francisco, Ca Master DJ Tony Soul is constantly booking gigs on an international level. Tony Soul’s audience is truly the whole world.

Gigging in Taiwan has given me the opportunity to get a better feel for crowds on an international level. It has shown me how much more open crowds are to listening to various forms of music outside of the typical American Top 40 stuff.

Getting his start as a hip hop DJ (DJ Sandman) Tony has DJ’d along side some of the best in the business including Quest Love, Biz Markie, The X-cutioners and DJ Premier. He has even served as Entertainment Director & Head resident DJ at the Fashion Café owned by Supermodel Naomi Campbell. After stints as an on-air personality on several radio stations ,WYLD-FM & WQUE-FM New Orleans and WPWR, WWRL in NYC, Tony moved onto the house music scene. Tony became totally immersed in the San Francisco house music scene and hasn’t looked back. Wat’s Nex caught up with Tony Soul as he was going from a gig in Morocco to Spain and got to ask him a few quick questions.

  1. Tony SoulWhat are some of the cities/countries you have played in? Favorite city? So far I have played in some great places. Rome, Milan, Terracina, Taipei City, Amsterdam, Genève, Lausanne, and now I find myself in Barcelona. But my favorite of all time will always be San Francisco. That’s home. But the greatest experience was recently playing in Morocco. Just amazing.
  2. What was your first overseas gig? My first overseas gig was playing in Taipei City. China White was the name of the club.
  3. When did you make the switch from a hip hop dj to a house dj? About 4 years ago, while experimenting with using House Music to remix rap records. I just kept speeding it up until it was just natural. I just fell in love.
  4. How long have you been spinning? 31 years now. With a few years off while I started my family.
  5. What was your most memorable set? Honestly I have not had it yet. Its coming….
  6. Any countries/cities you looking forward to playing in? I look forward to going back to Rome to play next month. South Africa in December. But I am really excited about coming back to the states to play for a month in October. Should be awesome.
  7. Any projects your working on? Just linked up with a label. I wont mention it until I sign, but I am finally getting into the production game. Should be fun. Im not really into producing. I just want to play. I need to use production to express myself.


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  • Master DJ Tony Soul converted me to like house music.. his style is amazing.