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by Dante Scott
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Vaughn de Heart Simplicity And Uniqueness

Hard to imagine someone who was criticized for their poor choice of style in high school would go on to create a clean, simple and sharp clothing line. Well, that’s exactly what RoyLyn Le’Vaughan Palmer-Coleman did when he created Vaughn de Heart clothing. The Vaughn de Heart line includes casual t-shirts, hoodies, cardigans and pull overs.

Vaughn de Heart includes many features that make the clothing line unique. Each design has unique wording on the tagless neck label. French, Latin and Italian are just a few of the languages you will see used in the designs. Each shirt is a limited production. RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman stops production on each shirt to keep every design unique so you don’t have to worry about somebody else rockin the same gear as you. Not only is Vaughn de Heart style conscious it is also socially conscious. All of RoyLyn’s items will not be produced in sweatshops.

Vaughn de Heart doesn’t just emblaze their designs across your chest, instead they place designs on sleeves, shoulders and waist bands. Keeping these designs simple only adds to the appeal of this up and coming clothing line.

So if you looking for a uniqueness and simplicity in a clothing line Vaughn de Heart is the clothing line for you. Visit their website to order your favorite pieces before they are pulled from production.

All designs are available now via Vaughn de Heart


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