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Frank Ocean
Channel Orange
Hip Hop
Def Jam
Track List:
01 Start 02 Thinkin Bout You 03 Fertilizer 04 Sierra Leone 05 Sweet Life 06 Not Just Money 07 Super Rich Kids (f. Earl Sweatshirt) 08 Pilot Jones 09 Crack Rock 10 Pyramids 11 Lost 12 White (f. John Mayer) 13 Monks 14 Bad Religion 15 Pink Matter (f. André 3000) 16 Forrest Gump 17 End

Fav Tracks:

Pilot Jones, Thinkin Bout You, Super Rich Kids, Bad Religion
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Frank Ocean establishes his own brand of R&B on his much anticipated debut album Channel Orange.

by Dante Scott
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Channel Orange Not Your Average R&B Album

Channel Orange album coverFrank Ocean
Channel Orange

Most notably known for his work on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne (No Church In The Wild and Made In America) and his singles Novacane and Swim Good Odd Future member Frank Ocean drops his debut album Channel Orange. With Channel Orange Frank Ocean creates his own brand of R&B. Listeners won’t find any “club bangers” on this album. In fact I doubt you will want to dance to any of the songs on this project. Is that a bad thing? NO! What you will find is a honest trip inside Ocean’s soul. While his vocal capabilities will not over power you, his beautiful falsetto will touch your essence. For the most part his vocals are smooth and laid back. Frank Ocean’s voice is so mellow that you almost feel that he is rapping instead of singing. This only enhances his story telling skills. There are only a few guests on Channel Orange. Andre 3000 on Pink Matter, his fellow odd future member Earl Sweatshirt on Super Rich Kids, Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes assists on the production of Sweet Life. The John Mayer appearance on White is just a 1:04 interlude.

Channel Orange kicks off with the previously released hit Thinkin Bout You. A song that finds Ocean reminiscing about a past love and probably as close as he gets to a typical R&B song. On Pilot Jones Frank asks “I don’t know why I keep on trying to keep a grown woman sober?” He tells the story of how he tries to intervene in his girlfriend’s drug addiction while he is addicted to her. His falsetto provides the perfect accent on this tale of addictions. Bad Religion finds Ocean sitting in the back of a cab seeking the driver’s advise on his current relationship. This track has a Prince feel to it. Deep emotional lyrics accompanied by eerie organs moaning in the background.

While Andre 3000 is known for appearing on other artist songs and taking the song to another level with his appearance, his verses on Pink Matter are anything but overpowering. Andre instead stays in Frank’s lane delivering a well written soothing performance. When Super Rich Kids comes on the beat will automatically remind Ocean’s older fans of Elton John’s Benny and The Jets. Rapper Earl Sweatshirt lends a few verses on this tale of the lifestyles of the young and rich.

Channel Orange is one of those rare albums that is best listened to from beginning to end uninterrupted to fully comprehend its brilliance. Preferably sitting in a room with your eyes closed. Frank Ocean’s writing takes us beyond the usual “O’Baby” cliche lyrics of some of today’s artist. This may not be your typical R&B album but what it is is great music.

Author: Dante Scott
Editor: Rande Ross

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